Claims Process

In the event of loss or damage that's covered by your insurance policy, please follow the steps below to expedite the claim process to make sure you're paid in a timely way.

The First Step

Once loss or damage has occurred please notify the Claims Manager at CRU. You can do this by completing the Loss Notification page on this website. Alternatively you can email your Loss Notification to us on

The Process

The CRU Claims Manager can be contacted if further explanation or assistance is required but in summary the process is as follows;

1. Loss Adjuster is Appointed

Once we receive you Loss Notification the CRU Claims Manager will appoint a specialist agricultural Loss Adjuster to quantify your loss. Once appointed the Loss Adjuster will be in contact with you within 48 hours. They will outline the Loss Adjustment process.

2. On Site Inspection

For most losses the Loss Adjuster will need to visit your property to inspect the loss or damage. Please make sure you are available so you can show them the loss or damage. This visit may not happen for up to two weeks after the loss so don't be alarmed by any delays. If you are concerned contact the CRU Claims Manager so we can help you.

3. Processing the Claim

Following the visit the Loss Adjuster will submit a loss report detailing the extent of the loss. They will then keep in contact with you at various stages throughout the process to determine the final claim amount. If your crop has suffered a yield loss then generally the claim amount cannot be determined until after harvest.