Weather Index

Weather Index insurance does not measure the actual loss to your agricultural enterprise but uses the measurement of a weather element such as temperature or rainfall to provide an index against which the loss is approximated. The measurement is taken from a weather station or calculated for a given grid point.

CRU's Weather Index insurance policies use data provided by SILO as hosted by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES). Details on SILO can be found at:

CRU provides two policy options which operate over a time period selected by the client:

  • Adverse Temperature - too many days above or below a threshold temperature
  • Adverse Rainfall - too many or too few millimetres of rain above or below a threshold rainfall level

It is important to understand that the weather experienced on the farm may not reflect the weather recorded at the weather station or calculated for the grid point.

Any payment made under the policies is the lesser of the index loss and the actual loss experienced at the agricultural enterprise.

How to arrange cover